News & Notices

Common Options

AccuNet has learned that many civic clients prefer to have their announcements and public notices front and center.  They want their citizens to see this time sensitive information first, even if it isn't pretty.

We've come up with four distinct ways to display announcements and public notices that focus on when you have a number of items to list in both areas.


The Accordion option shows one announcement and public notice at time.  However, unlike the slider option above, all the item titles are listed and open to the full  content in less space than the Full Content List option.

Excerpt-Read More

The Excerpt option allows the viewer to see more announcements and public notices with a scan than they can see with the Full Content List.  The citizen can not read the entire item without clicking on a "read more" button.

One at a Time

One announcement and one public notice can be read right away.  The viewer has to use the arrows or dots to get to the next item.  These sliders can be set to auto rotate and stop on hover.

Full Content

The below example shows multiple entire announcements and public notices in a long list.  citizens can't really say that the information is hidden, they might just have to scroll a bit.