City Directory

DDA BoardBoard MemberJill Jackson248-684-8715sameperson@different.role
Public WorksSPW SupervisorHerald
DDA, DDA BoardDDA DirectorAnn
AssessingAssessorJohn Henry2414 S. HIckory Ridge Rd.
Milford MI 48380
Admin OfficeReceptionJill
Admin Office, ClerkDeputy ClerkJohn
Township BoardTrusteeJane
Township BoardTrusteeJim
DDA Board, Township BoardSupervisorPat
PolicePolice ChiefJames
FireFire ChiefTom Burns123 Main Street, Your Town, MI
Clerk, Township BoardClerkJanice
Admin Office, TreasurerDeputy TreasurerTamara
Township Board, TreasurerTreasurerBill

Demo Site, Demo Pages

This website has been created to display page concepts, but not a complete website.  Below is a list of pages that display Civic Clarity website features in action.

Icon Row to highlight important pages Home
Announcements Announcement detail page with quick push
Announcements Archive of Past Announcements
Announcements Variety of display formats for home page presentation
Multi Column Menu Hover over Residents & Government pages for examples
Calendar Monthly grid and listing examples
Calendar Specific event detail by date with quick push
Document Library 2 pane display of entire list of documents on website
Document Library Page specific folder example
Directory Business directory example with logos
Directory Category specific directory page
Directory Business specific detail page
Directory of Available Properties Display addresses of business directory properties that are available for occupancy
Staff Directory Staff directory example
Focused Staff Directory A subset of the entire Staff Directory for a specific department
Board page layout Calendar, meeting minutes & agenda folders
Agenda & Minutes version 2 View meeting documents by date
List of open RFPs Multiple layout options to display open RFPs
RFP with expiration RFP example with online submission
Cemetery Plot Finder Searchable database of plot names and locations example
Available Cemetery Plot Listing Display unsold cemetery plots
Resident "Submit a Request" form Customizable form in library
Online Surveys & Polls Engage with online outreach
"Contact Us" form Customizable form in library
Private Page Login to Access example
Job Board Sortable & Searchable Job Board with online application
I Want To... quick links I Want To
FAQ FAQ page and column options
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